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4 Poster Queen Bed Frame

The 4 Poster queen Bed Frame is perfect for any queen or king size bed, the platform Bed with Poster ceiling is perfect for any add-ons or sectional bed. The solid wood canopy is perfect for with large sunlight-blocking windows, the platform Bed has a comfortable feel and can be assembled in minutes using the included steps.

Four Post Queen Bed Frame

This Bed Frame is made with a sturdy Frame and top to provide you with the best sleep quality, the Frame is made with a canopies to protect your Bed from the outside and the Frame has a headboard to provide you with extra support. The Bed Frame is also made with a made of twigs and branches to add to your bedroom's atmosphere, the queen Bed Frame with posts is perfect for any queen size bed. It has two posts per side to create a canopy, and can be painted to any color you want, the Bed has a built-in headboard to protect your body and the posts reach the top of the Bed with a modern 4-inch measure. This pine 4 Poster Bed is a great way to add a touch of luxury to your home, the Bed has a stylish metal Frame and a simple headboard to add a touch of luxury and elegance. The Bed can be easily customized to your needs and is a great addition to any home, the 4 Poster queen Bed is a great for those who love to sleep. This Bed is unique in that it has a wood Frame and canopy for air circulation, the Bed also has a platform headboard for a higher level of support. There are two Poster pockets on the headboard for easy storage, the Bed is also lightweight and easy to move around.