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Ethan Allen Georgian Court Queen Bed

This beautiful, cherry-colored Bed poster from the Allen Georgian Court queen series is a great way to add a touch of elegance to your room, perfect for a small room or a bedroom with a large bed, this Bed poster is a great option for any.

Ethan Allen Georgian Court Queen Bed Ebay

This amazing Bed size four poster is perfect for a tired or loved one, with a beautiful cherry color it will add to any room's look, with a sleep system that sets time and time again, this Bed will keep your loved one to sleep tight. This 4 poster Bed is the perfect solution for any Bed who needs an equal or bigger bed, the is made of high-quality materials and comes with a canopy Bed queen size. This Bed can easily become or extra Bed for any room, this Bed frame is from the Georgian Court queen series and this year's design from the group it is a Bed frame with a pediment bedding and a black and green fabric color. It is also latest available with a black and green fabric color, this Allen Georgian Court queen Bed poster cherry is in great condition and has a little asterisk in the center of the bed. The Bed is made in the height of fashion and has a beautiful cherry color, the Bed is making a great addition to any room and is definitely worth the price.