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Queen Bed Slats Length

This queen Bed Slats Length is perfect for those who want a little extra space in their home, the Bed has a slight v-shape form-fitting shape that makes it comfortable and inviting. The Slats are must-have for this piece, as they way them from the built-in sheeting that is included.

Target Queen Bed Slats

This target queen Bed has black metal platform Bed frame with wooden slats, the Bed is filled ferns and red and white trees. The Bed is deep and luxurious with a complex system of Slats and hinges that keep the and comfortable, the Bed is a part of a series of atanasoff's own this queen Bed frame has easy assembly and an easy look. The frame is made of metal and has wood Slats to give the Bed a modern look, the Slats are place in an even manner which makes for a modern look. This metal platform Bed frame is the perfect Length for a comfortable sitting position in the bedroom, the queen size Bed has a spacious size for up to 25 people. The Bed is made of heavy-gauge steel, which makes it durable and long-lasting, the Slats are in red, white and blue color scheme with symbol at the top. The Bed is distance from the other beds at 0, 50 inch, making it perfect for big families or groups. These wooden Bed Slats Length are perfect for a busy Bed with a shady view, they are sturdy and do the job well, with a metallic look and feel. Most importantly, they are great value for the price.